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Our Good News –

Ron and I have had this project in the works for the last couple of years. But, it wasn’t until around 10 months ago that it started to take on a real form. Though, at this time we will not bore you with all those details.


Ron & Raven
The proprietors of Junction 116, LLC.
{Picture by Murphy-Steele @ Sam Lewis State Park, York, PA}

Mission Statement:
To provide a deeper appreciation
for the necessities in life by
contributing to charitable causes.

50% of Profits Donated to Charities - Go to FAQ for Charities List

We have always believed in donating to causes that actually help. This is due to our many personal experiences. As we both have had family, friends and fur babies that have either been mistreated, agonized through Cancer, suffered Dementia, living with a life threatening Heart disease, or struggling through Tourette’s Syndrome; not the least of which are the multitude of issues facing our wounded veterans and their families. And having witnessed firsthand the short comings of our society in relation to their care and needs; or the lack of a cure. We founded Junction 116, LLC to help with that void and help others find an easier way to donate to a good charity; while having to purchase daily items for personal, home and business use. But, most of all, knowing that one did something good for another in need.

We offer a great selection of products at the best prices. Our products are ready for shipment to your doorstep!

One of our goals is to provide a variety of quality products at prices that are fair and competitive. In addition, while you are fulfilling your daily and long term needs, you are helping others through charitable donations from all your purchases.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products for the best price. We have multiple warehouses throughout the country to ensure the quickest delivery of products to our customers. We work hard to ensure that your shopping experience is safe and worry-free.

Unless where noted all items are sold brand new in original packaging and possess all of the features as advertised by the manufacturer.

We do add or delete products from time to time as market trends indicate. The customer’s satisfaction with our products and our service is of utmost importance to us, and we welcome comments at any time. Simply click on the contact us link to send us your comments.

Free Standard Shipping – No Minimums

Do you make crafts or
have something you want to sell?

For more information:
Use our contact us form or
Email sales@junction116.com

This service is available to all of our customers who have registered on our site; and is provided completely free of any additional charge.Who is this service for?
Registered Junction 116 members only. Register (Here)
For members who could not find that special something listed on our website?
It is for members that have been searching for that special gift and simply cannot find it.For more information on our member only special order service visit (Here)
If you are a business please go (Here)

Don’t forget to check out our Blogs for Junction 116 News and Stories from the Heart.


The Family & Friends Small Business Group is for all of our mutual Facebook family and friends.

We know many of you folks have small businesses and that many of you do some incredible crafts too. But, how many of our family and friends actually know you do any of these things.

A few examples we know of:
Handmade Jewelry, Wreaths, Cleaning Services, Photography, Independent travel and Insurance Agents, Independent Realtors and let us not forget, Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, 31 bags…the list is huge…

Yes, we know many of you have web & Facebook pages, but not all. So this is where this group comes in. You get to share information about your business. It really is that simple.  But, how does it work. Sharing & Liking your fellow small business owners posts.

It really is very simple to help spread the word. Not to mention, word of mouth is so much cheaper than the cost of other advertising.


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