Our first look at Snapchat’s biggest risks and most powerful enemies



Snapchat essentially got its start by eliminating risk. Want to send a nude to a lover or a goofy face to a friend? Don’t worry, it’ll disappear in 10 seconds.

But now, as a startup that just filed to go public, the risks look pretty damn real. The word “risk” appears 87 times in Snap Inc.’s Form S-1 filed Thursday. 

Here they are in summary, with our background and more plain English explanations: 

1. Keeping its users happy

Snapchat is reminding the public that one day it may not be the hottest app to the kids. In fact, we’ve already seen a slowdown in the app’s growth. A Bloomberg report from June 2016 revealed Snapchat had 150 million daily active users. According to S-1 filing, that came more than 7 months later, Snapchat has added only 8 million daily active users.  Read more…

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