This goofy 1908 children’s book traces the path of a bullet with a literal hole in the pages


IMage: Internet Archive

In 1908, author and artist Peter Newell published The Hole Book, a fancifully illustrated children’s tale that incorporates a literal hole in the pages to trace the trajectory of an accidentally-fired bullet

The errant projectile sows chaos through a variety of scenes, shattering fishbowls, perforating hats and detonating gas tanks before coming to rest in a particularly dense cake.

Newell had previously built a career on his humorous drawings and poems in outlets such as Harper’s Bazaar and the Saturday Evening Post.

In addition to The Hole Book, he published other conceptually playful children’s books, including a compendium of pictures and poems that could be viewed upside-down or right-side-up, and a rhomboid-shaped volume, The Slant Book, that traces a rogue baby carriage’s topsy-turvy descent down a hill. Read more…

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