Meet Keith Thurman, the boxing champ who drives a Prius but will knock your ass out cold


Knockout artist Keith Thurman holds the World Boxing Association welterweight belt, which makes sense because he hasn’t lost any of his 28 career fights. 

But he’s not the only one who’s undefeated — so is his Prius. 

“It has zero tickets,” Thurman says with pride. “It’s undefeated in the streets.” 

A prizefighter who drives a Prius? That might sound unusual, because, well, it is — but this is Keith Thurman. 

When Thurman steps into the ring Saturday for a hotly anticipated bout against Danny Garcia, it won’t just be a clash between two undefeated fighters unifying their belts on network TV (CBS, 9 p.m. EST).  Read more…

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