What it was like to play VR games after a concussion


This is either the worst time to get a concussion or, the curious journalist inside of me says, the best. 

A week before I’m set to fly off to San Francisco for GDC, the annual Game Developers Conference, I lose my footing on a slushy mountain while hiking in NY and slam my head on a rock. I feel the world slow around me as I fall backwards, until my skull bounces off the rock I’d just slipped on and time (and pain) rushes back to me. I make it all the way down the mountain with throbbing temples, a whole lot of whiplash and a fear of rocks — a minor concussion, fortunately. 

A concussion is a type of brain injury — any kind of which can be tricky. It basically means you’ve rattled and bruised your brain in your head enough that you either pass out, lose memory or, in a less worst case scenario, deal with a terrible, persistent headache coupled with long-lasting sensitivities to light, sound, etc. Depending on how bad a hit you suffered, symptoms can last a few hours or a few months. And there are tons of symptoms. Read more…

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