Pete Souza joins chorus gloating over Trumpcare failure with epic Instagram


The schadenfreude online when Trumpcare collapsed for a second time was deafening. However, amid all the resurfaced Trump tweets and Art of the Deal jokes one troll stood out once again.

Pete Souza, Obama’s official White House photographer, added another Instagram post to his mammoth shade collection against Trump after the news broke Friday.

This time, Souza shared a photo of Obama and Mike Pence from 2010 — and the caption was devastating.

“Before voting on the Affordable Care Act in 2010, President Obama met with many members of Congress on both side of the aisle over the course of many months,” he wrote. “This picture was taken at the end of a multiple hours-long meeting with the entire Republican House caucus in which he responded to dozens of questions and critiques. It was carried live on cable TV.” Read more…

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