Ruin someones morning by turning hot drinks into a kids toy with these LEGO-friendly mugs

Custom coffee vessels are the perfect piece of office flair, but it’s just a matter of time before your VOTE FOR PEDRO mug will start to lose its relevant wit. Why not have a new one every day, with whatever silly nonsense you want sticking off the sides? You can save big on your novelty coffee cup budget with the Build-On Brick Mug.

Do you want Batman villains sticking feet-first out of your mug? A blocky medieval chalice? A second coffee mug attached to your coffee mug? A mug on wheels? The possibilities are endless! When the boss gets wind of your constant creative output, you’ll be running the place in no time.

Made from BPA-free plastic, this cup holds 12oz of liquid, so yes it does have utility beyond fun. Get the Build-On Brick Mug for 50% off the sticker price—just $19.99.

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