Hanging your headphones keeps them handy, but not smashed

Anyone who prefers the superior sound quality of over-ear headphones is all too familiar with the hassle of keeping your gear accessible but still out of the way when you aren’t using it. Instead of ruining your headphones by repeatedly shoving them in a drawer, why not hang them up to have them ready at a moment’s notice without crowding precious desktop real estate?

The Anchor is the perfect answer to your equipment clutter woes. This silicon hook sticks underneath your desk with industrial-grade adhesive to hold headphones and cables. Sturdy enough to hold even the bulkiest sets, its flexible material won’t send you into a cascade of pain when you inevitably bump your knee against it, unlike coat hooks.

Keeping your gear neat and tidy doesn’t mean you need to install extra shelves. Usually $19.95, you can get The Anchor here for $9.99.

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