Computer & Website Services

Computer & Website Services


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The following cost list does not include all services that are available.

NOTE: Depending on the service(s) required by a client:

some hourly costs may be reduced to a per task amount.

Please submit your inquiries through the services contact form.


Website Maintenance

Contract pricing is calculated per client and is dependent on need(s)


No contract – website maintenance (existing site)

Average $75 – $100 monthly

(dependent on complexity of the Site(s) number of pages)

$60/hour for each additional hour of service

Basic website maintenance: $75/hour

Graphic updates/redesign: $75/hour

Text/image editing: $100/hour

Database editing: $100/hour


Website Services (new site)

Planning – $600 – $1200

Design & Updates – $960 – $2400

Programming – $3000- $7200

Content Support – $240 – $600

Testing and Launch – $960 – $1200

*These are average price ranges (per site),

since the complexity of websites vary from one to another*


General Services

Computer Diagnostics, Troubleshooting, & Check-up

50 (free only if I am retained to fix the problem)

Computer Tune-up, Optimization and Cleaning:    150


Operating System Install or Upgrade,

Including updates, drivers, anti-virus software.            130


Virus/Spyware/Malware Removal:             125

Software or Driver installation (per package/program):        35

Shared printer installation on your network:           from 90

General Hourly Service Rate:        125/hr

VHS to DVD:        15 per VHS (discount prices for 4 or more)

Audio Sample Editing:       35 / hr 


Hourly Services

Phone Support                  75 / hr

Remote Computer Support           75 / hr


On-Site Technical Support / Consulting

125 / hr (plus mileage @ .48 a mile)


On-Site Network Troubleshooting / Support

125 / hr (plus mileage @ .48 a mile)


Forensic Hourly Rates

In-house General Digital Forensics               175.00/hr

On-Scene Data Examiner               250.00/hr


Non-Hourly Rate Services

Forensics Extraction of deleted and partial files, indexing, keyword search

(Up to 10 words) up to 500GB          750

Computer Imaging           300


Prices are USD and subject to change.

** I (we) reserve the right to refuse service **