EKO @ RnR.life


What is EKO @ RnR.life?

EKO is the sub-domain hosting side of our site. It provides for our family and friends, a place to have a web presence (website) for personal or business (with lots of bells and whistles).

Your site would be setup as a sub-domain on RnR.life. To better explain this, here is an example of the url/address

http://Your_Name.RnR.life  or  http://RnR.life/Your_Name

On your site, you could share what is happening with your family and friends by creating a contact page, social blog or even manage a family reunion. You could even have a page for holiday events or social get togethers. Including calendars or splash pages with news specific to your wants and needs.

A note on security; you can make anything public, private or even password protected.

Here are more ideas about the types of sites that could be hosted by EKO @ RnR.life:

Arts and Culture, Design, Fashion, Business and Finance, Accounting & Tax Services, Advertising, Agriculture, Careers and Professional Development, Jobs, Planning, Education and Learning, Events, Celebrations, Birthday pages, Conferences, Health, Wellness, Alternative Medicine, Beauty, Hobbies, Collections, Antiques, Auto Care, Home and Family, Cooking, Dining Out, Personal News pages, People and Lifestyles, Communities, Reference pages, Resources pages, Biographies, Expert Advice pages, Science pages, Nature, Agriculture, Animals, Archaeology, Shopping pages, or advice columns, Auctions, Antiques, Art, Auctions, Recreation pages, Sport-type pages, to name just a few.

So why not just use Facebook or some other Social networking site?

*you should use them too (everyone needs a web-presence), however*

Important Note

A few of the features:

  • Fully customizable theme
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Akismet (to protect your blog from spam)
  • WordPress
  • Galleries (with image support)
  • RSS feeds
  • Social Login
  • Wiki (your own)
  • Webmaster Support (me)

If you would like more information on an EKO@RnR.life Membership or just want to bounce a few ideas?

Please submit your inquiries through our contact form or email eko@rnr.life directly.